Advisory indyref2 is not a ‘dead end’ as the people of Scotland are sovereign

GLENDA Burns (Letters, June 20) doesn’t need to choke on her breakfast over an advisory referendum, because if that’s in fact what the SNP is planning, it’s entirely fair and will be successful.

Glenda fears this will lead us down a ‘dead end’ path like Catalonia.

Glenda need not worry, as the situation in Catalonia is entirely different to that in Scotland. Spain has a written constitution and it is to this constitution that Spain has applied itself in Catalonia.

The UK does not have a written constitution. The law in the UK is what Parliament in Westminster says it is, and today it means what Boris Johnson says it is.

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Any Scottish independence referendum, even if it had an Article 30 agreement signed by Boris Johnson, could be declared illegal by Westminster if it does not like the outcome. After all, Johnson signed the Northern Ireland deal and got it accepted by Westminster and he has now decided to ignore it. So there is no sure way to get a legal referendum through Westminster if Johnson opposes it.

However, don’t worry, Glenda – the referendum that got us out of the EU was an advisory referendum.

The Scottish people are sovereign and their will is what matters in international law. If the SNP is going to use an advisory referendum to get the opinion of the Scottish people, then that’s wise. Because it cannot be overturned by any court order and it will provide what we need, the clear voice of the people of Scotland.

Of course Johnson, the parliament at Westminster and a host of powerful vested interests will not like this and they will try to prevent the people of Scotland from having their independence, but they will fail. The people of Scotland will succeed.

If that’s what the Scottish government plans to do, they’ll win our independence.

Andy Anderson
salt pans

NOW that Alex Salmond has said he will not let his “personal differences” with the current Prime Minister stand in the way of any campaign for independence, and that Alba will “contribute wholeheartedly and on a large scale to the campaign for ‘independence’, we need the Prime Minister to put the country before the party and to commit himself personally to this cooperation.

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And we need both leaders to ensure that their supporters end the continued trade in schoolyard insults, or we can just forget about independence for another generation. Let’s all remember that this is not an election to decide between the SNP and the Conservatives, it is a vote for a new Scotland.

CE Ayr, Cavalaire sur Mer, France
and Jenne Gray, Ayr

In my opinion, what it takes to tip indyref2 in our favor is information! The well-known saying “knowledge is power” may be a cliché, but it is nonetheless true.

I talk to too many people who still believe we get everything we have from London, so how could we survive without them.

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The indy movement (SNP/Greens et al) must provide hard facts about how we have been ripped off, how treaties have been broken and how propaganda we have been fed for over 300 years. In my opinion, it was quite successful, judging by how many people still believe in it.

The other elephant in the room is religious bigotry. I’m old enough to remember the cry “Home Rule is Rome Rule.” As a non-Catholic but non-Christian, I have nothing to be ashamed of here, simply to say that religious bigotry has been the cause of much pain and suffering in the world for thousands of years. Oh, and for the sake of balance, those of another persuasion will tell you that indy will mean rule by the fanatical Protestants of the Church of Scotland – laughable, if it weren’t (like the other shout) swallowed by the credulous and misinformed.

Barry Stewart

A leading think tank has said that due to high petrol prices, Chancellor Rishi Sunak will – despite his 5p cut in duties – receive £28billion in extra tax revenue. Any decent and responsible government would forego this and reduce duty and VAT to a rate that would give them their estimated original return and help reduce inflation. However, this Chancellor will not because he is completely immune to the extreme monetary pressure faced by the poorest in society. The stunning silence of Keir Starmer and Labor on this says all we need to know about this pathetic Labor opposition.

A Jaap
by email

PRITI’s current pathetic attempt to circumvent UNHCR rules just proves that Britain is and always has been a country that likes to make rules but with a very practical unwritten constitution, doesn’t like to take or obey the rules of others. As I’ve been saying for a while now, the song should say “no rules for Britannia because Britannia breaks the rules!” Bring on Scottish independence to get away from the cesspool that Westminster has become.

Steve Cunningham

LESLIE Sinclair donated 125 pints of blood in his lifetime but when he went to donate number 126 he was turned away as he refused to answer a question about whether or not he was pregnant. He lives in Stirling so you would have thought the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service would have made more sense, but no.

Professor Marc Turner of SNBTS said: “Questions can be asked without discrimination and we have a duty to promote inclusion, which is why all donors are now being asked the same question.”

Does he get paid to spout this politically correct poppycock? SNBTS should provide two forms, one for men and one for women, instead of wasting valuable blood donations.

clark cross