Can You Improve the Off-Road Capabilities of a Jeep Compass with a Lift Kit?

As owners of the versatile Jeep Compass, you might be pondering if you could boost its off-road prowess. You might’ve heard of lift kits, a popular modification among avid off-roaders. But does a lift kit truly enhance the Compass’s performance? Let’s plunge into this in depth, exploring what a lift kit is, how it impacts your vehicle’s performance, and whether it’s a worthwhile addition for your Jeep Compass.

Understanding the Basics of a Lift Kit

Before we dive into the specifics of how a lift kit could potentially enhance your Jeep Compass, it’s crucial to grasp what a lift kit exactly is. Simply put, a lift kit is a vehicle modification, typically involving the suspension, that elevates your vehicle’s height from the ground.

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There are generally two types of lift kits: body lift kits and suspension lift kits. Body lift kits raise the body of the vehicle from the frame, offering increased ground clearance without altering the suspension. Suspension lift kits, on the other hand, replace the front and rear shocks and leaf springs to lift the vehicle, providing better articulation and off-road performance.

The Impact of a Lift Kit on Ground Clearance

One of the primary reasons for installing a lift kit is to gain additional ground clearance. It stands to reason that a higher vehicle will be able to more easily navigate rough terrain. A lift kit can provide this by raising your vehicle’s chassis further from the ground.

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For your Jeep Compass, this means being able to navigate over rocks, logs, and other obstacles that might have previously been a challenge. In essence, it’s all about making your vehicle more rugged and ready for any off-road adventure that comes your way. Additionally, by adding a lift kit, you also have the opportunity to install larger, more aggressive tires, which can greatly improve your traction and control when traversing uneven terrain.

Enhancing the Suspension and Steering of the Jeep Compass

Apart from increasing the ground clearance, a lift kit can also impact your vehicle’s suspension and steering capabilities. For the Jeep Compass, installing a suspension lift kit will alter the dynamics of your vehicle. It changes the vehicle’s center of gravity, which can lead to a better and more balanced off-road driving experience.

Moreover, the kit often includes stiffer, longer springs and shocks, which can make your vehicle more capable of absorbing the impacts that come with driving on rough terrain. This not only enhances the off-road capabilities of your Compass but also results in a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

The Size of Tires You Can Fit After a Lift Kit Installation

Another major benefit of installing a lift kit on your Jeep Compass is the ability to fit larger tires. By elevating the vehicle and creating more room between the wheel wells and the ground, you open up a world of possibilities when it comes to tire size. Larger tires are favored by off-road enthusiasts due to their superior traction, shock absorption, and durability when compared to standard-sized tires.

However, this potential benefit doesn’t come without its caveats. When going for larger tires, it’s important to consider the impact on your vehicle’s drivetrain, axle load, and fuel efficiency. Remember, while larger tires may provide better off-road performance, they may also put more strain on your Compass’s components, leading to more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Getting Your Lift Kit and Handling the Shipping Process

Once you’ve decided to go with a lift kit to enhance the off-road capabilities of your Jeep Compass, consider the shipping process. Many reputable companies offer lift kits for the Compass and other Jeep models and will ship the kits right to your door.

You should read the product details and shipping policies carefully before making a purchase. Some companies might offer free shipping, while others may charge a fee. Additionally, the delivery time can vary, so it’s important to factor this into your modification plans.

In conclusion, adding a lift kit to your Jeep Compass can indeed improve its off-road capabilities by increasing the ground clearance, improving the suspension and steering, and allowing for larger tire sizes. However, it’s also important to carefully consider the potential downsides and costs associated with such a modification.

How to Install a Lift Kit on Your Jeep Compass

Understanding the installation process of a lift kit on your Jeep Compass is key. Having a clear idea about the process helps you decide if you are willing to go through with it or hire a professional instead.

Installing a lift kit requires a decent amount of mechanical knowledge and experience. It’s crucial to have the correct tools and safety equipment like jack stands and a hydraulic jack, as well as a proper workspace. The basics of the process involve replacing the factory leaf springs and shocks with the new, longer ones provided in the lift kit.

The installation process varies depending on the type of lift kit. With a suspension lift, it typically involves installing new front and rear shocks, leaf springs, and sometimes a few additional components such as control arms and sway bar links. For a body lift, the installation involves adding spacers between the body and frame of the vehicle.

Take note, however, that after the installation of your new lift kit, it’s highly recommended to have a professional alignment done. This will ensure your vehicle drives straight and minimizes tire wear.

How the Daystar Lift Enhances Your Jeep Compass

In the market for lift kits, the Daystar Lift has earned a reputation for being one of the best for Jeep Compass. It’s a complete lift kit that raises your vehicle by 1.5 to 2 inches, giving you that much-desired ground clearance.

One of the key advantages of the Daystar lift for your Jeep Compass is that it comes with everything you need for the installation. This includes the front and rear lift spacers, as well as extended sway bar links. It also offers a smoother ride quality, even on rough terrains, thanks to the high-density polyurethane material used in the components.

Moreover, the Daystar lift enables you to fit your Jeep Compass with larger tires, further enhancing its off-road capabilities. It can accommodate tires up to 33 inches in diameter, which are ideal for tackling any off-road challenges.

However, as with any modifications, it’s important to be aware of potential changes in fuel efficiency and the added strain on your vehicle’s components. Overall, the Daystar lift is a solid choice for enhancing your Jeep Compass’s off-road performance.


In the final analysis, a lift kit can greatly enhance the off-road performance of your Jeep Compass. It provides increased ground clearance, improved suspension and steering, and the ability to fit larger tires. While the installation process might be intimidating for some, the benefits of a lift kit are undeniably worthwhile.

The Daystar lift, in particular, is an excellent choice for your Jeep Compass, offering a complete package with superior ride quality. However, as with all modifications, it’s important to understand the potential impact on your vehicle’s drivetrain, axle load, and fuel efficiency.

Finally, when purchasing a lift kit, consider the shipping process and make sure to read the product details and shipping policies carefully. Many companies offer free continental shipping, but delivery times may vary, so plan your modification accordingly. Despite the potential downsides and costs, the off-road advantages gained by installing a lift kit on your Jeep Compass make it a recommended madness for any off-road enthusiast.