Boris Johnson claims to be the ‘voice of the Scottish people’ despite Union Unit chaos

BORIS Johnson is the “voice of the majority of the Scottish people,” Downing Street said.

The bizarre comment by the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson came as more questions were asked about the ousting of Luke Graham, the former Scottish Tory MP in charge of Union Unit 10 .

It emerged last night that he was being replaced by Vote Leave chief and Dominic Cummings protege Oliver Lewis.

Known as Sonic, the Assistant is set to take control of the Downing Street campaign to save the Union – although he has no known experience with Scottish politics.

Graham’s departure also means that there are no longer any Scots in Trade Union Unity.

His sacking was sparked by a furious row after the Prime Minister’s gaff-filled visit to Scotland last week, according to Sky News.

“Oliver Lewis needed a new job and he wanted Luke’s. He’s an old Brexit-era Boris buddy, so he got the job, ”a source close to Graham told The Times.

“This is the Union’s problem in a microcosm. Someone in Whitehall thinks he can fix it, so he kicks the Scotsman out who probably knows about it.

Speaking at the daily lobby briefing, the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson confirmed Graham had “stepped down as No.10”.

“Trade Union Unit No. 10 will continue to support the Prime Minister in his capacity as Union Minister,” said the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson.

“We do not comment on the details of the personnel matters, but the Union is an extremely important objective of the Prime Minister and Trade Union Unit 10 will continue to support him on this matter.”

Asked if No 10 was now on war footing ahead of a battle with Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP, the spokesperson said: “As the PM himself said, he thinks that all parts of the Union are stronger together and that he will be and will continue to be the voice of the majority of Scots who voted to keep the UK united.

“He will always oppose those who try to separate the UK, which is why it remains an important goal.”

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Just two days ago, Johnson’s press secretary Allegra Stratton said Graham was not leaving, despite rumors. “This is not what I understood,” she told reporters.

“Luke Graham is the leader of union unit # 10. It’s a team within the larger political unit, and it’s a very, very, very valued staff member.

A source told Sky News Graham had done “a great job.”

They said, “Oliver needed a role and he saw it as the next big thing. The Prime Minister trusts him and he has radical ideas with a new direction.

“That leaves time by May to put in place a longer term strategy on this and to see bigger than Scotland.”

“Luke is a party animal and was very concerned that he did not see the Conservative Party decline in Scotland. ”

Another Whitehall official said: ‘Luke Graham has improved the government’s focus on service delivery for Scotland and all parts of the UK and has helped ensure communications focused on demonstrating the practical value of the Union to people from all parts of the country. ”

Although other sources were less kind. One of them said: “He did not make himself liked by others. [special advisers], ministers or officials.

“No one cried to see him go.”

The SNP called it a “takeover of Boris Johnson’s taxpayer-funded anti-independence campaign voting holiday.”

Deputy party leader in Westminster Kirsten Oswald said the move “would increase support for independence even further.”

She added: “By installing Dominic Cummings’ Brexit apprentice as the head of the so-called ‘Unity of the Union’, the PM shows, once again, that he has no idea of Scotland.

“This botched Conservative plot also raises serious questions about the misuse of public funds for political campaigns.

“It is clear that the Tories are using public money to build a political campaign team ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections.”