Edinburgh student says Scots ‘don’t exist’ in viral video mocking capital

University of Edinburgh student claimed Scots were ‘non-existent’ around Edinburgh University

Taking to the online social media platform, the TikTok user made a tongue-in-cheek video about the people you see walking around Bristo Square, a central spot on the University of Edinburgh campus.

The video follows a common trend on the site which titles the video, POV you walk through Place Bristo, followed by a number of people you are likely to see around the student pole.

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The video is captioned: “Point of view: you are walking on Place Bristo” followed by photos representing the people you often meet there.

The first example is a University of Edinburgh stereotype – known as ‘yahs’, they’re usually posh English students who dress like they’ve just starred in some terrible 2000s music video and say often “Rah, where’s my bac?”

The second is a photo of some Americans with the caption “OMG Europe is so beautiful” based on the stereotype that many Americans see all of Europe as one country.

The video jokes about Americans thinking that all of Europe is one country.

Next is a photo of a skater with “crush you” written. Bristo Square has been a skating mecca since the 1980s.

You can read more about the fascinating history of when the concrete area became a skater’s “mecca” in the early 80s here.

At the end of the video comes the depiction of the Scots you would see in Bristo Square paired with a Google image that says “non-existent”.

The video claims there are no Scots on the university campus.
The video claims there are no Scots on the university campus.

The hilarious video has been viewed over 27,000 times and liked thousands with high points over the course of the

One user said, “I got run over by a skateboarder.”

While one of them said, “Most accurate thing.”

Another added: “Okay wow you made it.”

Previously, Scottish comedian Limmy joked that the capital was actually part of England.

Although he later apologized for his antics which understandably rolled up the people of Edinburgh.