Let’s put Scotland’s recovery in Scotland’s hands — Scottish National Party

May 6, I ask the people of Scotland to trust me and an SNP government to lead our country through the pandemic and into recovery.

Now is the time for experienced leaders and governments more than ever as we pursue our most important task: keeping Scotland safe.

The other parties have made it very clear over the past few weeks that they are not interested in governing or leading.

Our campaign will be the opposite. It’s about uplifting, not down. He will be overflowing with optimism and hope for a better Scotland.

Over the next six weeks we will set out our plans to protect the NHS, for a national care service and to protect and create jobs as we continue to build a better Scotland.

This optimism, this hope and this sense of possibility is based on a complete belief in the abilities and talents of all the people who live here.

That’s why I think Scotland’s recovery should be in the hands of Scotland and not Boris Johnson.

This means the people of Scotland have the right to decide their future in an independence referendum when the COVID crisis is over.

If Westminster remains in control, the real risk is that they will damage Scotland’s recovery with their austerity programme, the job-destroying hard Brexit and the growing threat to our NHS.

With independence we will have a recovery made in Scotland and we will have the powers to build a fairer and more prosperous country.

To vote for this right to decide your future – and to unite in our national mission to build this better country – make it the two SNP votes on May 6.