Murrayfield Racers withdraw from Scottish National League after being ‘undermined’ by rival club

Murrayfield Racers have withdrawn from Scottish National League 2021-22 season

However, that decision has now been overturned, with the club blaming the actions of fellow SNL Dundee Comets for the decision.

A statement read: ‘The Murrayfield Racers are disappointed to inform our loyal fans and sponsors that we have withdrawn from the Scottish National League (SNL) this year.

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“This extremely difficult decision was forced on the Racers leadership by actions of other parties to undermine our club.

“In addition to the information we have received that Murrayfield Ice Rink is very unlikely to reopen this season, we have no other feasible option but to put the team on the back burner for 2021/22.

“The club have already invested a lot for the season buying strips, equipment, ice time, etc., but outside forces have derailed our efforts.

“As you know, several Racers players have agreed to join the Dundee Comets this summer for the NIHL North Cup games only.

“It was part of the discussions we had with Comets manager Rab Brown and the players.

“Due to the uncertainty of the season and the situation at Murrayfield, we were more than happy to help another club in the SNL while our players got some precious ice time.

“The Comets paid to register the players, but we agreed to pay this fee when the players re-registered with the Racers.

“When it became clear that there would be an SNL season, we started training in Dundee and secured the playing ice in Dumfries as a backup in case Murrayfield didn’t reopen.

“We then spoke to our players and several of them agreed to come back to the Racers. They provided quotes for our press releases and were happy to come back.

“We were informed last Thursday night that some players had been called to a meeting in Dundee, and extreme pressure was placed on them not to return with the Racers.

“Two players subsequently informed the club that they would not be joining and were not available to participate in the challenge match at Kilmarnock Thunder on Saturday.

“The club have since been informed by the Dundee rink manager that they have received two complaints from senior clubs in Dundee that we are training there.

“There has been a request that the ice time be removed from the runners, although it is not used by any other team.

“We have asked the rink for information on who has reserved the ice, but have yet to receive a courtesy response.

“The running management insisted from the start that they would never remove ice from another team and asked what ice, if any, was available for hire.

“We fully intend to go further with Dundee Council as we believe we have been the victim of a concerted effort by the Comets to undermine our position in the SNL to allow them to sign our players.

“This season was going to be a challenge given the situation at Murrayfield, but we didn’t expect to be undermined by another Scottish club.

“We will now put the team on the back burner for this season with the aim of returning for the 2022/23 campaign with the home ice secured.”

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