New guide to help Scottish companies operate global offshore wind

A new report from the Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council (SOWEC) has been released to help Scottish companies understand and gain a foothold in the growing global offshore wind market.

Produced for SOWEC by Scotia Supply Chain, this guide aims to assess current and potential Scottish exporters of key offshore wind opportunities by 2030, with markets being assessed against a number of relevant issues to give an attractiveness score. for exporters.

SOWEC Industry Co-President Brian McFarlane noted: “With the rapid growth of offshore wind here in Scotland, now has never been a better time for potential Scottish exporters to use their home country experience as a stepping stone into the global offshore wind market. As we have seen in other energy sectors, Scottish companies may see opportunities to export offshore wind products and their expertise to other emerging markets. By planning for deployment and assessing different markets, this guide aims to enable Scottish exporters to quickly identify and access the global wind market.

Along with the Export Guide, SOWEC is also today releasing research reports examining steps that can be taken in Scotland and the UK to help Scottish supply chain companies secure future work. generation of Scottish projects.

Consultancy BVG Associates provided SOWEC with analysis and recommendations to inform industry coordination on shared procurement portal options, prequalification criteria and standardized terms and conditions.

This resource is currently under review by SOWEC’s Supply Chain and Clusters group, in cooperation with the Offshore Wind Energy Council.

“SOWEC has agreed to work in partnership with a range of stakeholders to examine options related to BVGA recommendations through: prequalification of suppliers; standard sets of terms and conditions; an opportunity portal and other tools to identify future project needs ”, Supply Chain and Cluster Manager for SOWEC Stephen thompson noted.

“These parties include Scottish Renewables, RenewableUK and the Offshore Wind Industry Council – the latter with which we are currently progressing in an assessment of options related to the Opportunity Portal in particular. “