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Comedian Leo Kearse has attacked Nicola Sturgeon for putting his obsession with independence before the health of the Scottish people. Speaking on GB News, Mr Kearse said “the SNP has been an absolute disaster for Scotland”. It comes after the Scottish government was forced to ask the Ministry of Defense for military aid to support the country’s ambulance service.

Mr Kearse told a GB News panel: “The SNP has been an absolute disaster for Scotland, especially in the area of ​​health.

“There was the children’s hospital, which only opened recently, years behind schedule and millions of pounds over budget.

“Drug-related deaths have exploded in Scotland. They are three and a half times higher than anywhere else in Europe.

“It’s ridiculous. We are losing so many people to heroin, fentanyl and drug addiction.”

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The outspoken Scottish comedian has denounced Nicola Sturgeon’s story of harming the Scottish people.

He said: “Sturgeon of course missed the vaccine rollout and she had to ask Westminster for help with that.

“And she asked for it too late, as she did with the ambulance service.

“She always treats these things like political football and throws the Scots under the bus, rather than admit defeat and admit that she really needs the union’s help.”

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said on Wednesday people should “think twice” before calling for an ambulance – sparking a furious reaction from the opposition.

Conservative leader Douglas Ross called Yousaf’s comments “dangerous and reckless”.

The crisis has led GB News commentator Calvin Robinson to question the SNP’s desires for independence in light of the party’s failure to respond to pressure on the NHS independently.