Remember Thursday it is the people of Scotland who are sovereign

IN the upcoming local elections, and for that matter, the so-called general election, the decision on who to vote for is quite simple. You can vote for Conservative Blue, Conservative Red, or Conservative Purple (a mix of red and blue). These three are determined that absolute power be maintained in Westminster.

The ONLY reason they accepted the principle of deconcentration was the sure and certain belief that the deconcentrated “administrations” would be either red or blue.

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My former MP, George Robertson, said “decentralization will kill independence to death”. That was the “big plan” – unfortunately (for them) it didn’t quite turn out that way.

If you really feel you live in a nation or family of nations, and (despite the Brexit vote) you don’t believe that all important decisions in the UK are made by English voters, these are the parties for you . Or you could just vote for one of those small, fringe, unimportant (according to the London-controlled media) pro-independence parties that believe Scotland hasn’t reached its full potential and could do better. to be ruled by those who live here.

Remember that in Scotland the PEOPLE are sovereign, NOT the parliament.

Barry Stewart