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Flower of Scotland is a popular choice of Scottish anthem

I Will Go by the Corries is a beautiful but haunting song about Highland clearings.

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Flower of Scotland, makes me emotional when the rugby is on, even though I now live in Yorkshire.

Highland Cathedral. The best British national anthem is Land of my Fathers. It’s sung with real passion and meaning. Whereas Flower of Scotland is a nationalist jingle.

How about a world anthem – Don’t Worry, Be Happy. We are only here once.

Sunshine on Leith makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

Euan Robert Macpherson Brown

In my humble opinion, there are only two contenders. Freedom Come Aw Ye by Hamish Henderson is my favorite national anthem. Alternatively, the obvious choice is Scots Wha Hae, claimed to be the oldest recorded Scottish military tune, played at Bannockburn and Orléans in 1429 by the Scots fighting with Joan of Arc against England (still played by the French army in while walking). Excellent track but the lyrics need to be updated.

It’s not written yet! Please can someone write something joyful and upbeat and uplifting and in keeping with the times we live in. Stop raking the past. Stay away from the sandblasted tin lid stuff!

Scotland the Brave, Caledonia or Highland Cathedral – anything would be better than Flower of Scotland.

Great Country – Fields of Fire!

Caledonia, from the Caledonia Best TV commercial in 2012. What a fantastic version, everyone should listen to it.

I don’t mind Flower of Scotland. Please don’t sing it on the bagpipes. Although I love the pipes, Flower of Scotland is sung like a lament, it needs a bit of rhythm.

The Irish and Welsh hymns are so moving that your heart rises to a proud and defiant rhythm, Gaelic. Flower of Scotland is so old hat.

During a live concert, Paul Weller asked the audience to please stand up for the national anthem and started Town Called Malice – that’s good enough for me.

Flower of Scotland was written and performed by Roy Williamson in 1967, he is part of the group The Corries.

The tune From Now On from the musical The Greatest Showman, with new words written by the Proclaimers but to include the line “Like an Anthem in my Heart”. Perfect!

“Let’s stick together” by Johnny Jardine. It was written as an alternative national anthem, but ended up being one of the tartan army songs during the 1998 World Cup.

Scotland forever….Sydney Devine.

I Can Feel It, by The Silencers – great song, was Sportscene’s theme!

Caledonia sung by Frankie Miller. I cry when I hear it.

FoS is all about defeat and how miserable we are. Scotland The Brave gets my vote.

I loved the Corries and saw them at Usher Hall in the early 70s.

Scotland doesn’t have an official national anthem, so for me it’s Flower of Scotland or Corries’ The Dawning of the Day.

Runrig every time – Flower of Scotland, Loch Lomond and Somewhere.

Fergus sings the Deacon Blue blues. Absolute agreement!

Young At Heart by the Bluebells, because that’s who we Scots are.

A nation chooses its national anthem. Some people criticize “Flower of Scotland”, but you just have to look at the reaction of people when it is sung, it certainly attracts people. Isn’t that what a national anthem should do?

Donald Where are your pants? by Andy Stewart.

The barren rocks of Aden.

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