WATCH: Tories ‘can’t stand in’ Scottish people, says Sturgeon

The Prime Minister’s refusal to hold a second independence referendum will not be “the end of the matter”, insisted Nicola Sturgeon – as she warned Boris Johnson: “Scotland cannot be imprisoned in the ‘Union against his will’.

The Scottish Prime Minister argued that it would be a “perversion and subversion of democracy” to be denied the right to hold such a poll after her party’s electoral success.

In Scotland, the SNP increased its share of the vote to 45%, winning a greater proportion of the vote north of the border than Tories across the UK, and also increased its number of MPs in Westminster to 47.

By contrast, the Tories – whose campaign in Scotland focused on opposing a second independence referendum – lost more than half of their Scottish MPs, the number dropping from 13 to six.

But after the Tories won a majority in the UK, Johnson called the SNP leader to explain “how he remains opposed to a second independence referendum”.

Sturgeon, however, claimed that by blocking such a poll, the Tories were “raging against reality” as she said “Scotland has chosen a very different future than that chosen by much of the rest of the UK “.

The Prime Minister, who has already indicated her willingness to organize a new independence vote in the second half of 2020, said she would “continue with the plan for which I won a mandate”.

Sturgeon, speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, added: “I think it’s the democratic thing to do.”

She confirmed that she will “expose this week the detailed and democratic dossier of the transfer of power” to Holyrood to allow a legal referendum to be held.

And she insisted that the Conservatives would not be able to maintain their opposition to such a poll.

Sturgeon recalled that in the 1980s and 1990s the Tories were ‘adamant that there would never be a Scottish Parliament‘, but added that they ‘could not support this position because the will of the Scottish people was too strong and that democracy was finally honored. “.

Speaking about Johnson, she said: “If he thinks – and I told him this on Friday night on the phone – that saying no is the end of the matter, he’s going to be completely and completely wrong.

“This is a fundamental point of democracy, you cannot keep Scotland in the Union against its will. You cannot just lock us in a cupboard and turn the key and hope that it all goes away.

“If the UK is to continue it can only be by consent and if Boris Johnson is confident in the Union case he should be confident enough to stand up for it and let people decide.”

Sturgeon said: “Scotland cannot be imprisoned in the UK against its will.

“The Conservatives could rage against the reality of what happened on Thursday for a while, I fully expect them to do that, but at the end of the day they are going to have to face and face that reality because the will of the Scottish people cannot be ignored, it is just the simple fact of the matter. ”